Sam Vincent

Sam Vincent has been working on engines since he was 9 years old when he built his first engine, a single cylinder Briggs & Stratton. Once he got his drivers license, it didn’t take long till he was hooked on modifying cars…

He built his first real hot rod engine, a 347″ Small Block Ford for his Mustang that he used as a daily driver back in 95-96. It ran 11.0’s @ 123 mph on pump gas and high 9’s on 200hp shot of Nitrous. That’s the same Mustang you see in all his race photos – yes he’s still got it!

He worked for Ford dealer in the shop as a tech for almost a year, then worked with Brian Tooley of Total Engine Airflow from 96-98. That started his need for speed and he’s been addicted ever since.

Vincent Performance was officially licensed as a business by the State of Kentucky in the summer of 1998 and has been in continuous operation to this day. Not long after starting his business, he got into racing NMRA in 2001. Sam’s well known Teal 88 Mustang was campaigned in Super Street Outlaw, running one of the baddest small block nitrous combos on the planet that he built himself. That was back when not many really did that well with Nitrous Small Block Fords except Glidden.

In addition to running with the NMRA, Sam’s raced a lot of Heads Up Outlaw 10.5 events, as well as WFC (World Ford Challenge) from 1997 through 2007, he even won the big $10k WFC X Street Outlaw race – that was a sweet payday!

Sam’s racing skills and expertise with Small Block Fords got him calls from other racers asking for engine building services, and of course speciality parts as well for all makes and models. Vincent Performance continues to expand as a dealer for many racing manufacturers, offers custom camshaft, piston and converter design, engine building services, engine combo’s and even good ol’ advice!