Custom Piston Order Form

Vincent/Diamond Custom Pistons, spec’d & designed in-house at Vincent Performance. Work with us to design a custom piston to meet your application.

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  • Engine Information

  • Class Racing/No Prep/Street-Strip etc.
  • Approximate Crankshaft Horsepower
  • Ring Information

  • Ring Radial Widths

  • Ring Order

  • Valve Pocket Information

  • Wrist Pin Information

  • Piston Thickness

  • Piston Skirt Shape

  • Rod Information

  • Cylinder Head Information

  • Piston Coating Options

  • Extra Cost Machining Options

    Note: The Maxi Lite CNC internal mill option @$17 each piston mills both under crown, at times pin boss (depending forging) and skirts. The crowns/skirts are left thicker on boosted/nitrous engines vs a N/A or some lower HP N/A pistons.