Top End Oiling Test – 460″ All Aluminum Small Block Ford

Jesel Lifters With Oil Feed Modification

Customers 460″ all aluminum Small Block Ford – RDI filled block, Edelbrock SC1 Glidden heads, 55mm cam. It uses Jesel solid body linkbar .937” lifters we modified with a small scratch groove to increase oil flow to rockers. Tested with Royal Purple 10w/30 break-in oil. No oil restrictors installed as of yet!

See photo above for the modified lifter groove to increase oil flow to the top end. The grooves are approximately .007″-.010″ deep. That small scratch sorta meters or becomes the ‘oil restrictor’ when not to big of a groove or as I call a scratch. So it doesn’t over oil the top end this flooding the top end and depleting pan quicker. Not all lifters need this modification due to variations in lifter design, lifter oil galley holes, lifter clearance, etc. but it is a good fix for those that aren’t getting enough oil up top.

This test is a quick way to verify your top end is getting enough oil and will help prevent burnt pushrods and valve train problems. It’s far easier to address an oiling problem on the engine stand than after you’ve stuck it in the car.


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