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Small Block Ford (SBF) Belt Drives & Accessories

Innovative West Belt Drives offer unique improvements over older Belt Drive Designs, such as Big Block Chevy Mounting holes making it far easier to mount drive accessories. All models include an adjustable idler pulley eccentric for maintaining proper belt tension.
Jesel was the first in the racing industry to manufacture a cam belt drive system for racing. Belt Drives are smoother than gear drives and more reliable than Chain Drives. They also make it very easy to modify cam timing quickly, without tearing the front cover off.
Danny Bee Racing Products
Since 1991 Danny Bee has specialized in custom belt drives for Ford and Chevy racing engines.
Xceldyne CV Products
Xceldyne Valvetrain Components are well known for superior reliability and performance. In addition to their valvetrain components, they now offer a very high quality of belt drives for most engines.

$1,260.00 Each - Free Shipping
$1,470.00 Each - Free Shipping

We also stock Small Block Ford Motor Plates with Cut Outs for Belt Drives!