Sonnax 4R70E Heavy Duty Forward Sun Gear 76612A-01

$117.31 Each

31-Tooth, for use with 2.84/1.55 ratio gear sets.

Sonnax heavy duty forward sun gear 76612A-01 is a direct replacement for all 31-tooth sun gears used in 2.84/1.55 ratio gear sets. Manufactured from 9310 alloy steel, this gear is significantly tougher and stronger than OE or other aftermarket sun gears and is the perfect option for demanding applications. This is the same sun gear included with Sonnax Smart-Tech® direct drum and shaft kit 76656-01K that combines high-strength direct drum with integrated intermediate stub shaft.

  • Unique sun gear is precision-machined from 9310, heat-treated steel
  • Can be used with stock-size shaft and drums for medium-duty or budget builds
  • OE Part No. 9L3Z-7A399-B
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