Afco Double Adjustable Big Gun Strut – Mustang S197 2005-2014 30033

$997.99 Each - Free Shipping

2005-2014 Mustang S197 Double Adjustable Strut with Big Gun or Big Gun X (Radial) Valving

The AFCO double adjustable strut has been designed to exceed the need in the drag market. In most applications and classes, controlling weight transfer is key to making successful passes. Racers and chassis builders across the market requested a strut that can be used to control front end travel hydraulically instead of mechanically with a chain or cable. The engineering team at AFCO nailed it. The AFCO Big Gun strut offers tuners the ability to “lock down” the front suspension to create a smooth weight transfer event.This double adjustable strut from AFCO is engineered for use with 2005-2014 Mustangs. Its superior valving technology eliminates huge wheelies and the click by click adjustment allows you to know exactly where your valving is set. These drag racing struts offer more damping control and adjustment range than any other strut currently available.

  • NEW – Custom Color Options, Traditional Blue, Black and Natural Aluminum (clear coated)
  • Double adjustable design – dial in your chassis
  • “Lock Down” BIG GUN valving including the best front-end control on the market
  • Big Gun X Extra Tight Valving for Drag Radial / High Horsepower cars option
  • BNC Compression valving to smooth out wheelies on both valving options
  • Click by click adjustment
  • Fully independent compression and rebound adjustments
  • 35mm piston diameter; up to 37% larger than competition
  • Indexing compression adjuster for increased clearance options at the base of the strut
  • Custom valving available; widest possible range in the industry
  • CAD designed and FEA optimized• Rebuildable and revalvable as needed
  • Locking coil-over kit included, springs not included