Afco Double Adjustable Front Bolt In Coil Over Shock- 4th Gen 93-02 Camaro/Firebird 3870F

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Stock, Super Stock, Outlaw 10.5, X275, Grudge, True Street & Others

Afco Eliminator Front Shocks with BNC valving eliminate bounce. No other shock on the market offers this much performance and control. BNC Shocks are designed to better absorb the impact of a car after a wheel stand, or even more so when you pedal during a wheel stand and it drops hard.

Includes Coil Over Kit, Springs Sold Separately

  • Double Adjustable
  • Optional BNC, BNC2 and BNC Big Gun Valving Options
  • Stroke: 7″
  • Compressed: 14.00″
  • Extended: 20.90″