Brodix Small Block Ford CNC 15° Head Hunters (Stainless) – BP HH F 302SS

$5,390.00 Pair

Vincent Performance Prepared Brodix 15° BP302 Head Hunter Cylinder Heads for Small Block Ford Competition Engines. 100% CNC ported head with 15% valve angle, 302 cc intake ports with 412+ cfm capability, exhaust that flows over 247 cfm, an ultra-efficient 60 cc combustion chamber. These heads feature 2.180″ and 1.625″ Ferrea Comp Plus Stainless Valves.

Vincent Performance Specs out these heads, Blueprints and assembles in house so you can rest easy they are ready to bolt on and setup right!

Cylinder Head Package Includes

  • 2.180/1.625 Ferrea Comp Plus Stainless Valves
  • 11/32″ Bronze Valve Guides
  • Ductile Iron Valve Seats
  • PSI 426R Springs
  • PAC 400 Series Titanium Retainers
  • Locators and 10° Locks
  • Viton Seals
  • Fully Assembled
  • Optional CNC Head Softening / Quench Cut & Blend for Heavy Nitrous
  • Custom Matching Cam, Intake, Lifters, Rockers and more available as a package!
  • Hot Isostatic Press Option strengthens the casting. Recommended for Boosted & Max Effort Engines.

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