SBC Calico Coated Clevite 77 H-Series Rod Bearings CB-663HN Series

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Clevite 77 H-Series Tri-Metal Connecting Rod Bearing Set for Small Block Chevy with Calico Coating. Narrowed for clearance with aftermarket high performance crankshafts with larger fillet radius. Suitable for all forms of racing engines, H-Series bearings offer a medium level of eccentricity, a high crush factor with hardened steel backs and thin bearing overlay.

H-Series rod bearings have a Babbit outer layer, a copper-lead alloy second layer and a precision steel back capable of carrying loads up to 12,000 PSI. H-Series Clevite Bearings are likely the most frequently use for high performance / general racing applications. This is typically the bearing type we will recommend in almost all situations.

These bearings are Coated By Calico with their CT-1 Dry Film Lubricant to reduce friction and abrasive wear. The coating lowers the coefficient of friction and increases load carrying capacity. Typical coating thickness is 0.00025″ to 0.00030″ inch.

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