Calico Coated Clevite MS-1010H Series 351C SBF SVO Clevite 77 H-Series 2.749″ Main Bearings

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Clevite 77 H-Series Tri-Metal Main Bearing Set for 351 Cleveland and aftermarket SVO main 2.749″ Small Block Ford. Suitable for all forms of racing engines, H-Series bearings offer a medium level of eccentricity, a high crush factor with hardened steel backs and thin bearing overlay.

H-Series Main bearings have a Babbit outer layer, a copper-lead alloy second layer and a precision steel back capable of carrying loads up to 12,000 PSI. H-Series Clevite Bearings are likely the most frequently use for high performance / general racing applications. This is typically the bearing type we will recommend in almost all situations.

These bearings are Coated By Calico with their CT-1 Dry Film Lubricant to reduce friction and abrasive wear. The coating lowers the coefficient of friction and increases load carrying capacity. Typical coating thickness is 0.00025″ to 0.00030″ inch.

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