Custom Bullet Camshafts

    Vincent Performance designs custom Camshafts ground by Bullet Racing Cams. Together, we review your application in great detail to optimize your engines performance. To get started, send us your combination information, click the button below.

    Freight in Continental US is $26


    SBF Hydraulic Roller $430
    SBF $480
    SBF A Fire 676
    SBF 55mm $676
    SBF 55mm A Fire LSM core $780
    BBF 54mm $480
    BBF 54mm A fire $575
    Note: BBF stock journal is 54mmSBC $445
    SBC 4/7 Swap (A Fire) $480
    SBC 50mm/BBC Journal $480
    SBC 50mm/BBC Journal 4/7 Swap (A Fire) $514
    SBC 55mm 4/7 Swap (A Fire) $718

    BBC $445
    BBC or 50mm 4/7 Swap (A Fire) $480
    BBC 54mm $610
    BBC 54mm 4/7 Swap (A Fire) $676
    BBC 55mm 4/7 Swap (A Fire) $676
    BBC 60mm 4/7 Swap (A Fire) $915