CV Steel Inner Spring Locator X2SS-3365

$110.00 Set of 16

CV Products Spring Locators are perfect addition to protect your racing cylinder heads and center your valve springs using the ID portion of the spring. They are precision crafted from case hardened 8620 steel with unmatched flatness and accuracy.

  • For Triple Springs
  • .060 Thick (D Dimension)
  • 1.650″ OD (A Dimension)
  • .564″ ID (B Dimension)
  • .630″ Locator OD (C Dimension)

Fits the PSI DR-1047, DR-104, DR-1246, DR-1247, DR-1248, DR-1249, DR-1250, DR-1251, DR-1252, DR-1253RML, DR-1260, DR-1261, DR-1262, DR-1263RML, DR-1264RML, DR-1265RML, DR-1266RML & DR-1267RML and other springs with a .630″ ID (C Dimension).

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