Dart Iron Eagle Small Block Ford Sportsman Blocks

$2,499.00$2,530.00 Each

Designed for high performance and heavy duty applications, the Sportsman block is ideal for drag racers, circle track competitors, off-roaders, and high performance marine enthusiasts.

Dart’s Iron Eagle Sportsman block is the affordable alternative for Sportsman racers and serious street performance.

The Sportsman block shares most of the Iron Eagle’s best features, but saves you money. Dart blocks are cast from premium high strength Iron with extra thick cylinder walls and decks. Main bearing caps are 4-bolt on the center three and 2-bolt on the ends to simplify oil pan fitment.

  • Siamesed cylinders: Standard 4.000″ or 4.125″ cylinders can be safely bored to 4.185″ diameter, extra thick walls prevent cracking and produce excellent ring seal.
  • Steel 4-bolt main bearing caps are standard. Three center caps have splayed outer bolts for maximum strength; rear cap uses standard one piece seal. Sportsman blocks use 4-bolt centers and 2-bolt end caps.
  • Upgraded oiling system has been completely redesigned with a low restriction priority main oiling system.
  • Scalloped water jackets increase coolant flow around cylinder barrels to prevent detonation, extend engine life and produce consistent cylinder temperatures.
  • Stock components make Dart blocks a direct replacement for most production small blocks. Provisions for stock motor mounts, accessory drives, smog pumps, starter brackets, oil pans and pumps.
  • Reinforced head bolt bosses are blind to prevent leaks and produce more accurate torque readings. Extra thick decks prevent head gasket leaks.
  • Standard camshaft and camshaft drive can be used. Lifter valley of the Sportsman block has bosses for production hydraulic roller lifters.
  • Parts kit sold separately (PN 32000003).

NOTE: This block has a Flat Rate Fee to a Commercial / Business Location Set, if shipping to a Residential Location, Freight Costs will be higher than indicated in checkout.

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