Dart Race Series Small Block Chevy Aluminum Blocks

$5,899.00 Each

Dart’s Race Series Aluminum Blocks offer short or tall deck, raised cam for more clearance, BBC or 50mm cam for increased stability and your choice of 350 or 400 main bearing. Aluminum blocks are a quick way of getting rid of a lot of weight off your car in one shot, plus you get the performance advantages of the Race Series features. These blocks only weigh 95lbs, an Iron Eagle Block with similar features weights 210 lbs – 105 lb weight reduction!

  • Deck heights from 8.850″ to 9.500″ provide maximum versatility. Cylinder barrels are extended at the bottom for better piston support with long strokes.
  • Raised camshaft (+.391″) provides more clearance for stroker cranks and eliminates need for fragile small base circle cams. Option for .434″ raised cam.
  • Siamesed 4.000″ or 4.125″ cylinders can be safely bored to 4.165″. Ductile Iron sleeves and extra thick walls produce excellent ring seal.
  • Requires use of remote oil filter. No provision for block mounted filters.
  • Relocated oil pan rails are spread .400″ per side (.800″ wider than stock). Oil pan bolt holes are relocated in line with main caps.
  • Big block camshaft bearings allow the use of cams with larger base circle diameter to improve strength and reduce twisting with cam driven pumps.
  • Rear external oil inlets, with crossovers and restrictor provisions located centrally in the valley to simplify plumbing with external pump.
  • Parts kit included (PN 32000012).

NOTE: This block has a Flat Rate Fee to a Commercial / Business Location Set, if shipping to a Residential Location, Freight Costs will be higher than indicated in checkout.

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