Dart Small Block Ford 8.2″ Deck SHP Special High Performance Blocks

$3,597.88 Each

Designed for high performance and heavy duty applications, the SHP block is the ideal budget starting point for a solid engine build without the risk of starting a build with a used block.

The SHP Ford block is tailored to the most popular performance and racing applications, with an 8.200″ (302) deck height and a choice of 4.000″ or 4.125″ siamesed cylinder bores which can safely be bored to 4.185″. Steel main caps are splayed 4-bolt on the center three and 2-bolt on #1 and #5, and utilize 1/2″ bolts. The valley is machined to accept factory roller lifter guides and retainer (spider).

  • Priority main oiling system directs oil to main bearings first for more dependable lubrication.
  • Provisions for OE stock roller lifters, dog bones & spider.
  • Siamese bores 4.000″ or 4.125″ (unfinished) with extra thick cylinder walls.
  • Extra thick decks ensure reliable head gasket seal.
  • Blind head bolt holes don’t go through to water jacket.
  • Steel 4-bolt main caps on #2, 3 and 4 with splayed outer bolts. 2-bolt main caps on #1 and 5.
  • Can use most stock components and accessories.
  • Scalloped water jackets increase coolant flow around cylinder barrels to prevent detonation, extend engine life and produce consistent cylinder temperatures.
  • Parts kit sold separately (PN 32000015).

NOTE: This block has a Flat Rate Fee to a Commercial / Business Location Set, if shipping to a Residential Location, Freight Costs will be higher than indicated in checkout.

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