Ford Coyote Callies Compstar Crankshafts

    $1,287.00 Each - Free Shipping!

    Callies Compstar crankshafts are affordable crankshafts that are forged and semi-finished off-shore, then finished and inspected at Callies’ manufacturing facility in the USA. The Compstar line utilizes precision gauging and material evaluation equipment that is routinely ISO 17025 certified for consistent accountability. This investment in perfection allows Compstar to maintain proper geometry and quality control, while monitoring both metallurgy and design.

    • 4340 Steel Forging
    • 46lbs Avg. Weight
    • Lightened Rod Journals
    • Nitride Case Heat Treated
    • 2.656 Mains
    • Cammed for 5.850 Rod Length
    • 2.087″, 2.100 or 2.000 Journal depending on stroke, see chart below
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