Full Spectrum Power P.Motive 2K 2000 CA Lithium 16v Racing Battery & Charger Combo PM2K16

$1,599.00 Each - Free Shipping

Loaded with over 2000 cranking amps and 30 hours of measured capacity that can hold over 15 volts. Capable of handling high amp loads, like race cars with 5 or 6 Nitrous Kits, or other high amp draw requirements. Fast to recharge with compatible charger gives you plenty of turn around time when you’re getting late into eliminations!

This model includes a Full Spectrum Power 9.5 amp Smart Charger that works with both 16.4v & 13.2v Lithium (LiFePO4) Batteries.

  • Advanced Case Design – Lighter and stronger than our previous case, it rejects heat, vibration, gas and oil.
  • Advanced Cell Design – We designed the P.Motive cells to cope with the demands of motorsports. Every component of our cells were designed and optimized for motorsports, based on a decade of experience building engine start batteries.
  • V Direct Multi Terminal – Our solid copper terminals have 8 threaded mount holes. VERY handy for EFI cars that require many direct connections to the battery.
  • V Sleeve Silicon Terminal Covers – Color coded for polarity, our silicon terminal covers protect against short circuits.
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