GRP 2001-PRO Series Aluminum Rods – Ford Coyote & Mod Motor

$1,540.00 Set of 8

GRP 2001-PRO Series Rods for Coyote Mod Motor Fords are suited for heavy nitrous or moderate boost applications. If you select a custom length as an option, we will contact you to discuss length required.

  • Optional Lengths plus Custom Available
  • 2.125″, 2.225″ and 2.2394″ Big Bore Available
  • .866″ or .927″ Pin
  • Includes 7/16 ARP2000 bolts


  • 5.933″ is the Factory Length for Coyote & 4.6 Mod Motor
  • 6.637″ is the Factory Length for 5.4 Mod Motor
  • 2.2394″ Big End Bore is the Factory Size for Coyote, 4.6 & Mod 5.4
  • Machine Rods for Standard Piston Pin Clearance

    Adds increased clearance for counterweight under pin bore, necessary on some longer stroke applications.

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