GRP SBF 2301-PRO Series Aluminum Rods

$1,540.00 Set of 8

GRP’s 2301-PRO for Nitrous and N/A usage where extra cam to rod clearance is needed.

  • Lengths from 5.315″ to 6.300″ plus Custom Available
  • Optional Cam Cut for increase clearance
  • 2.125″ or 2.000″ Big Bore
  • SBF Offset
  • .866″ or .927″ Pin
  • 7/16 or 3/8″ ARP2000 Rod Bolts available on 2.000 Bore Rods
  • 3/8 ARP 2000 Rod Bolts available on 2.125 Bore Model
  • Machine Rods for Standard Piston Pin Clearance

    Adds a small flat spot area on rod’s big end between bolt hole exit and parting line for more rod to cam clearance.

    Adds increased clearance for counterweight under pin bore, necessary on some longer stroke applications.

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