GRP 5000 PRO Series Aluminum Connecting Rods for Big Block Ford GRP5001-PRO-BBF

$1,550.00 Set of 8

GRP’s 5000 PRO series billet aluminum heavy duty rods for Big Block Fords are designed for N/A and light nitrous applications. PRO Series Rods are CNC machined from a special proprietary alloy plate which offers even more strength and resistance to fractures than the standard series alloy.

  • Lengths from 6.605″ to 6.800″ plus Custom Available
  • Correct BBF Tower Offset
  • .990″ or 1.040″ Wrist Pin
  • Includes 7/16 ARP 2000 Rod Bolts
  • 2.225″ Bore Diameter for 2.100 journal or 2.325″ Bore Diameter for 2.200″ journal
  • Big End Custom Available
  • Pin Width Custom Available
  • Machine Rods for Standard Piston Pin Clearance

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