Innovators West SBF 6.75″ Super Duty Belt Drive Blower Damper – Internally Balanced #213

$513.38$696.00 Each

6.75″ Small Block Ford Super Duty Blower Balancer for High Boost Applications. Meets & exceeds SFI 18.1 specification featuring an all aluminum case design for light weight, stress-proof steel hub and 1040 steel inertia rings for durability. Wet clutch friction design style with precision machined harmonic dampening for street and race engines.

Comes standard with 6-bolt (Dual) BBC Bolt Pattern and blower hub option.

Note: This damper is designed for use with a belt drive timing system only. When ordering, please specify which brand belt drive you are using.

Note: When used with a Procharger RaceDrive, you must select the Innovators West Belt Drive (#213 IW or #213 IW FM Pass) in order to get the correct hub length to work with the Race Drive.
Jesel belt drives will require a .200″ spacer behind the damper to properly align with the Procharger RaceDrive unit.

Note: This damper is designed for passenger side flying magnets only. Please call Innovators West for a custom built damper if needing drivers side magnet pickup.

    Reset options

    If using a Jesel Belt Drive, a .200″ crank spacer will be needed in order for the crank snout to not protrude beyond the damper hub. 

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