Innovators West SBF 6.5″ Racing Damper 204X Series – Externally Balanced

$536.50$545.75 Each

The Small Block Ford #204X Damper is designed around the stock Ford OEM 6.5″ diameter body for use in externally balanced SBF engines. The Balancer utilizes the stock late model 4 bolt pulley pattern and the spacing matches the 86-93 Mustang accessory system. This Balancer is best matched for stock or modified engines producing up to approximately 1000 hp Naturally Aspirated (up to 1500 hp with power adder).

Exceeds SFI 18.1 standards and is marked on front with SFI Sticker, and on the rear with SFI number stamped into unit.

  • Optional 28 oz or 50 oz External Weight
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