Leash Electronics Big Dog 2 Power Distribution Fuse Block BD2

$80.00 Each

Leash Electronics Big Dog 2 Power Distribution Block has three inputs (battery positive, ground and ignition positive trigger (from a ignition switched high power relay).  This Distribution block allows you to have one board that can fuse and distribute power to all your electrical devices in one convenient location.

The battery positive and ignition positives outputs are all fused via the row of mini blade fuses (25 amp max fuse). This allows you to have a small, compact power center to wire up many different electrical items. Fork terminals for the output strips are included. The battery power side can handle up 75 amps and the Ignition power side can handle up to 70 amps. Not recommended for high amperage devices like big fans and fuel pumps.

Fuses NOT included, available at any auto parts store.


  • Ground Outputs: 10 Screw Terminals (unfused)
  • Ignition Outputs: 10 Fused Screw Terminals
  • Battery Outputs: 7 Fused Screw Terminals


  • Length: 5.50″
  • Width: 2.00″
  • Height: 1.00″

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