Leash Electronics Dual Power Window/Power Door Lock Relay Module – DPW

$75.00 Each

Leash 4 Relay Module designed to operate Power Windows or Power Door Locks. One module could be used to operate 2 Power Windows or 2 power door locks. If you want to operate 2 Power Window and 2 Power Door Locks, you’ll need two modules.


  • 12v goes to 12 volt source. 14-16 gauge wire
  • Grd goes to ground. 14-16 gauge wire
  • M1 and M2 connect to the window motor. Polarity doesn’t matter now.
  • S1 and S2 goes to the switches. They are triggered by 12 volts.
  • Test the windows or door locks. If the switches are backwards then swap the S1/S2 Wires.
  • The module is pretty simple. Voltage on the S1 makes M1 output 12 volts and M2 Ground. Voltage on S2 makes M2 output 12 volts and M1 ground.
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