Leash Electronics Dual Stage Nitrous Progressive Controller – DSNP

$450.00 Each

The Leash Dual Stage Progressive Nitrous Controller is well known as one of the best low cost controllers available. It can be used as a dual stage nitrous controller independently activating for example two Foggers, or a Fogger and a Plate system. Or, you can use the dual stage feature for a dual ramp single stage controller for independent Nitrous and Fuel ramps.

Extremely easy to program does not require a laptop – you can change your ramp in the lanes if you wish! It’s also easy to wire and setup.

Black Color Shown in Product Photo.

  • Large, easy to read in day and night LCD screen.
  • Very small and lightweight.
  • Billet Aluminium housing.
  • 80MZ microprocessor for extremely accurate calculations.
  • High electrical noise immunity.
  • High current drivers to drive any solenoids.
  • Separate timer with 12 volt output used for triggering auxiliary relays.
  • Separate output wire for activating a timing retard.
  • Nitrous percentages programmable from 0-100%.
  • 1-3 programmable ramps can be used sequentially.
  • Programmable solenoid hertz.
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