Leash Electronics 20 Input Module LIM-20

$160.00 Each

Leash’s Input Module Can make wiring your EFI or Datalogger much cleaner and easier to add new inputs quickly. This thing is a must have if you’re starting a new EFI wiring project!

You connect 20 sensor inputs from your EFI system (or Datalogger) to this module, along with ONLY ONE 5V+ Sensor Power, 12V+ Sensor Power and Sensor Ground wires – that’s right, no need to split those power and ground wires out to each individual sensor. This is not only a pain on a new install, but it’s a lot bigger problem down the road when you want to add a sensor, You’ll pat yourself on the back knowing you don’t have to break into a power and ground splice to hook it up!

Once wired to your system, all you have to do to add a Sensor is pick which of the 4 input pins you need to use, 12V+, 5V+, Sensor Signal and Sensor Ground covers almost all inputs on most systems.

Comes with loose plugs and pins so its not for a first time wiring guy:-) Requires crimping plugs on the wires.

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