Leash Electronics Pro-4 Relay Board with Switch Panel

$350.00$380.00 Each

Leash Electronics Pro 4 Relay Wiring Board with 4 Rocker Switch Panel is a great foundation for your cars primary electrical system.

The Pro 4 Relay Board features: Four 70 amp relays with heavy duty fuse sockets. Housed in a compact, but strong billet aluminum case, the Pro 4 Relay Board has a Black Powder Coating for Corrosion Protection.

  • Four 70 Amp Industrial Mechanical relays
  • Circuit Indicator LEDs
  • 1/4″ Power Stud
  • #10 Output Studs
  • FMX/J Case Style Fuse Sockets (Fuses not included)
  • Black Powder Coated Billet Aluminum Case

Important – Make sure to select if you need any of the relays to be negative triggered (mean if you have a specific purpose to use a ground to turn a relay on) If you have no need for any negative triggers then select ZERO in the options. If you want any negative triggered circuits you must select how many in the drop-down option. Make sure to tell us in the comments box when checking out which inputs you want to be negative triggered.

Switch Panel includes Custom Switch Etching, Ribbon Cable and optional Roll Bar Mounts. Tell us what you want in the box below for each button. The rockers can be momentary or on-off rockers.

    Reset options

    Starting from Left to Right, please note what label you want in which position on the switch panel. The 1st position on the left would be button #1, last button on the right would be button #4.  Also indicate if you want a momentary (like a starter switch) or on/off function.