Leash Electronics Pro-6 Relay Module


Leash Electronics Pro 6 Relay Module is a compact and easy to use way to control 6 power circuits. Each circuit has a 35 amp relay, ATC standard style fuse, indicator light and can be triggered by a positive or negative activation signal.

Housed in a compact, but strong billet aluminum case, the Pro 6 Relay Module has a Black Powder Coating for Corrosion Protection.

  • 35 Amp relays
  • Circuit Indicator LED
  • Pre-made Plug-in Harness (included)
  • 1/4″ Power Input Stud
  • #10 Output Studs
  • Uses ATC Style Fuses same as most modern cars (not included)
  • Black Powder Coated Billet Aluminum Case

Important – Make sure to select if you need any of the relays to be negative triggered (mean if you have a specific purpose to use a ground to turn a relay on) If you have no need for any negative triggers then select ZERO in the options. Note that if you choose any Negative triggers there will be an arm wire that disables the Negative trigger relays until 12 volts is applied to the extra wire. This wire will apply to all the negative triggered relays only. If you want any negative triggered circuits you must select how many in the drop-down option.



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