Leash Electronics Pro Street Wiring Board with Switch Panel Combo

$550.00$580.00 Each

Leash Electronics Pro Street Relay board with Switch Panel Combo is a great wiring solution for a basic street/strip car to control most common functions. Price Includes Relay Board, Switch Panel, Switches, Custom Switch Etching and Ribbon Cable. Optional Roll Bar Mounts are also available.

Capabilities Include –

Inputs: ground, ignition switch, hazard lights, high beam, low beam, brake light, park lights, right blinker and left blinker. Also has 2 auxiliary 20amp capable extra relays to be used for whatever you need. And a main 12volt power input.

Outputs: 5x fused batt+, 5x fused 12 volt ignition, high beam, low beam, brake, park lights, front right blinker, front left blinker, rear right blinker and rear left blinker with built in blinking circuit (no external required). It also has 2 general purpose 20amp auxiliary relay outputs. All outputs are fused. Blinker output will run any kind of lights (led or bulbs) up to 6amps each. Battery+ and 12 volt Ignition outputs can be used for most accessories like, radios, ignition systems, cigarette lighter, etc.

The rockers shown in the picture as Starter and Fuel Pump can be custom labeled to whatever you want, input in the box below what you want the labels to say. (Indicate which position also). Those two rockers are connected to the 35 amp relays on the Pro Street Board. The other rocker switches are prelabeled for the configuration of the Pro Street Board.

Fuses Not Included.

    Reset options

    2nd & 3rd Switch Labels