Leash Electronics Billet 8 Relay Street / Strip Wiring Board with Switch Panel

$755.00$785.00 Each

Leash Electronics Billet Street Strip 8 Relay Wiring Board with 10 Rocker Switch Panel is a fully configured electrical system for your car.

Street/Strip wiring board features: Eight 70 amp relays with heavy duty fuse sockets (one with built in optional Trans Brake safety for use with nitrous system), fused Trans Brake relay. Fused lighting outputs including High Beam Headlights, Low Beam Headlights, Turn Signal Blinkers, Brake Lights, Park Lights, 3 Fused Battery Outputs, 5 Fused Ignition Outputs.

The #1 relay is setup as the Ignition Relay which also turns on the extra fused ignition power outputs. The #8 relay is the optional nitrous relay which means it will not come on if the Trans Brake is activated. The #8 Relay can be used as a normal relay. You just cut a jumper to disable the TransBrake interrupt feature.

Housed in a compact, but strong billet aluminum case, the Sportsman Wiring Board has a Black Powder Coating for Corrosion Protection.

  • Eight 70 Amp Mechanical relays
  • Board measures 9.375″ x 4.5″
  • Solid State Transbrake Relay
  • Circuit Indicator LEDs
  • 1/4″ Power and Ground Studs
  • #10 Output Studs
  • Uses ATC Style Fuses (not included)
  • Black Powder Coated Billet Aluminum Case
  • Includes LED Dome Lights with Toggle Switch Activation

Switch Panel includes Custom Switch Etching, Ribbon Cable and your choice of Roll Bar Mounts. Tell us what you want in the box below for each button. The first 8 rockers can be momentary or on-off rockers. The sideways ones on the end are specifically for the high/ low beam headlights and the blinkers.

Optional E-Stop Button – This is a safety feature so in case of emergency you can reach your switch panel and push the button to kill power to the switch panel so that everything its controlling will shut off.  It’s easier than trying to flip all the rockers off in a hurry.

    Reset options

    Starting from Left to Right, please note what label you want in which position on the switch panel. The 1st position on the left would be button #1, last button on the right would be button #10.