Go Lithium 16 volt Ultra Lightweight Racing Battery


The Go Lithium Ultra Lightweight Racing Battery is a miniature powerhouse that is strong, reliable and long lasting. Based on Lithium Iron Phosphate Design it’s safer and can take more charger cycles than many other racing batteries. It even features internal cell balancing, a feature only found in high end lithium batteries for optimum performance.

  • Superlight – Only 8 Pounds, one of the lowest cost ways to save weight!
  • 16 Volt Output with a Powerful 1150 Cranking Amps
  • 20 AMP Hours of Reserve Power
  • Safe Prismatic Cell Technology with Internal Battery Management
  • 10 Year Service Life, Full 1yr Warranty and 3yr Prorated Warranty
  • Alternator Compatible – 100 AMP maximum with a max charge voltage of 17.75vdc
  • 10 amp hour charge rate
  • Multiple LED State of charge indicator

Note – Free Shipping Plus an additional $49 Hazmat Fee is applied regardless of quantity ordered, go in with a friend and save!