LSM Bench Style Valve Spring Compressor SC-2000

$419.00 Each - Free Shipping

If you’ve ever attempted to work with big springs and a budget valve spring compressor, there is no doubt you will Fall in Love with LSM’s SC-2000! What used to be dangerous nightmare with substandard tools can be a breeze to do this this “Heads Off” Bench Valve Spring Compressor. It’s Ultra-Rigid, in a lightweight package machined from billet aluminum. After one use you’ll throw your old cheap valve spring compressor in the junk pile.

The LSM SC-2000 easily compresses springs to 1,000 lbs. The jaw capacity is 8.375″ with a throat depth of 5.50″ which is enough for even the hard-to-fit Big Chief and Hemi heads. The spring cage is designed to work perfectly with all popular small to large diameter valve springs. Tapered flange retainer housing: .850″ to 1.650″. Dual adjust ability: Allows for perfect positioning and easy access to both valve and spring.

The Speed Handle (included) is removable, and a battery powered drill driver with socket can be used to make it easier and faster for bigger jobs. The Speed Handle can also be used on other LSM Spring Compressors.

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