LSx Chevy Callies Dragonslayer Cranks – Gen II-IV LS1

    $1,872.00 Each - Free Shipping

    The Callies Gen II/IV LS1 DragonSlayer crankshafts are available in 3.625, 4.000, 4.100 or 4.125 stroke with 2.100 or 2.000 rod journals. DragonSlayer LSx crankshafts are machined from premium 4340 forgings and feature PERMA-TOUGH heat treating for added strength and serviceability. Includes gun drilled mains and Angalite drilled rod journals for a light, 50 lb (avg) Crankshaft.

    • Angalite drilled rod journals for less weight
    • 6 Counterweight Design
    • Dual Linear Post Keyways
    • LS or LS7 Post / Snout configurations
    • Counterweight prepped for 1830 gram bob weight
    • Premium Ultra Case Heat Treated SAE 4340 Steel
    • 2.000 to 2.100 Rod Journals with Standard LS Mains
    • Enhanced rod oiling through the use of Main Bearing Oil Hole Lead-ins
    • Gun Drilled Mains
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