LSx Chevy Callies Magnum Cranks w/8 Counterweights – LS1 Gen III – IV

$3,549.00 Each - Free Shipping

The Callies Gen II/IV LS1 Magnum Crankshafts are available from 3.625″ to a whopping 4.500″ stroke with 2.100 or 2.000 rod journals. Fully Counterweighted (8) with an average weight of 47 lbs, Magnum Crankshafts are one of the most durable on the market. Manufactured from pure SAE 4340 Steel with multiple heat treatments for amazing strength and long life.

  • Gun Drilled Mains and Lightened Rods
  • 8 Counterweight Design
  • Dual Linear Post Keyways
  • Standard LS Post / Snout configuration
  • Counterweight prepped for 1830 gram bob weight
  • Premium Ultra Case Deep Nitride Heat Treatment
  • 2.000 to 2.100 Rod Journals with Standard LS or LS7 Mains
  • Enhanced rod oiling through the use of Main Bearing Oil Hole Lead-ins
  • Gun Drilled Mains
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