Manley Ford 4.6L Modular 5.933″ STD Weight Pro Series I-Beam Connecting Rods 14518-8

$1,887.59 Set of 8, Free Shipping

Manley’s Pro Series I-Beam Rods are the Strongest Connecting Rods they make.  Pro Series I-Beam Rods offer more strength than an H-Beam Rod, at a lighter weight due to 4340 Forged Alloy Steel. Larger ARP 2000 7/16″ Rod Bolts increase the strength to give you more safety for your high-performance engine.

  • Standard Weight Rod for Forced Induction / Power Adder Applications
  • Forged from 4340 Alloy Steel
  • Fully Machined to Produce the Lightest and Strongest Rod Possible
  • Machined to MIL Spec, Stress Relieved, Shot Peened and 100% Magnafluxed
  • Flywheel Horsepower Range for Lightweight I-Beam Rods is 1200+ HP
  • 7/16″ ARP 2000 bolts
  • Set of 8 Rods
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