Manley NexTek Dual Drag Race Springs 221452SF-16

$778.00 Set of 16, Free Shipping

Manley NexTek® Lightweight Dual Drag Racing Springs have higher natural frequency and lower active mass providing improved valvetrain control and higher RPM potential. The dual spring design reduces friction, which generates less heat and greatly reduced load loss. The NexTek® design has been extensively tested on the Spintron, dyno and race track (including blown nitro engines) and proven to be highly effective. The lightweight dual spring design improves valve train control for higher engine rpm potential.

Type: Dual High Tensile Strength Super Finished Chrome Moly
Spring OD: 1.550″
Inner ID: .800″
Seat: 250 lbs @ 2.025″
Open: 750 lbs @ 1.200″
Max Lift: .825″

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