Molnar Ford Mod Motor PWR ADR 4340 Billet Connecting Rods

$720.00 Set of 8, Free Shipping

Molnar Billet H-Beam PWR ADR Billet Connecting Rods for the Ford Mod Motors are designed for Nitrous or Boosted Applications. They are heat treated to increase tensile strength and shot peened to increase fatigue life. Manufactured from 4340 billet steel and finished in the USA. Includes ARP2000 bolts and tolerances are held to +/- .0001″.

  • Mod Motor (2.239) or Small Block Chevy Small Journal (2.125) Big End
  • 5.850″, 5.933″ or 6.657″ Length
  • Big End Bore 2.239″
  • 22mm Pin
  • Includes 7/16 ARP2000 Rod Bolts