Molnar SBF PWR ADR PLUS H-Beam Connecting Rods

$1,015.00 Set of 8, Free Shipping

Molnar developed the PWR ADR PLUS™ specifically for use in extremely high boost supercharged and twin turbo engines as well as those using very large nitrous systems. Small Block Ford rod is Chevy Style but have the correct Ford offsets you need. Manufactured from 4340 billet steel and finished in the USA. Includes ARP2000 bolts and tolerances are held to +/- .0001″.

  • Optional Rod Length
  • Small Block Ford Correct Tower Offset
  • Thicker beam Cross Section for Boost and Nitrous
  • Thicker H cross section also strengthen the Rod’s Beam Area
  • Big End Bore 2.225″ for 2.100″ Journal
  • .927″ Pin
  • All Rods include Special ARP2000 7/16″ bolts with asymmetrical threads to equally load each thread when under pressure.