Moser 33/35 Spline Pro Extreme Gun Drilled Custom Axles

$660.00 Pair

Made in the USA! Moser’s Pro Extreme Axles are available in 33 or 35 Spline and include Gun-Drilled & lightened Pro Flanges. Manufactured with premium quality Alloy steel, forged from Moser Engineering designed tooling and induction heat-treated to optimize torsional strength. They are also 100% magnafluxed tested as part of the Quality Control process.

The axles feature a shaft size of 1.500″ (35 Spline) and 1.405″ (33 Spline) and 1.533 or 1.565 bearing seats to cover all your options and needs. Moser Extreme performance axles are made to withstand tremendous horsepower, which enables the serious racer the ability to upgrade to a bigger premium shaft and not add the extra weight. The Moser Pro Extreme can be splined to fit any manufactures spool and carriers a standard 10-year replacement policy.

  • 33 or 35 Spline
  • Gun Drilled
  • Flange Profile Lightened
  • 2-3 Day Build Time based on options
  • Optional wheel studs available
  • Axle bearing options available.

See Chart Below for Housing Dimensions

    Face of Axle Flange to End of Spline

    Bearing Seat to Axle Spline End

    Face of Axle Flange to End of Spline

    Bearing Seat to Axle Spline End

    Option for threaded hole size only, studs must be ordered separately.

    Best Measured with Bearing Removed

    Enter Brake Manufacturers Part Number

    Do Not Measure Through Tubes

    Do Not Measure Through Tubes

    Wheel Studs

    Drive Stud Kit

    Axle Bearings

    Bearing Dimensions 3.150” OD x 1.531” ID 

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