MSD 7531 Digital-7 Plus Ignition

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MSD’s Famous 7531 Digital 7 Plus Ignition Box features 3 Step Retards for Nitrous and Boosted Applications, Individual Cylinder Timing capability, Multiple Rev Limits, Shift Outputs – you can even measure crankcase or MAP pressure with a separate sensor. Control it all with your laptop computer to configure your timing control precisely and easily.

  • RS-232 Computer Connection and Programable Software
  • Magnetic Pickup or Distributor Pickup Input
  • Adjustable Firing Order
  • 3 Step Retards
  • Slew Rate Rev Limiter aka “DOTS”
  • Individual Cylinder Timing with optional Cam Sync Sensor
  • MAP Sensor capable with optional sensor
  • Programable Rev Limits
  • Programable Launch Retard
  • Record Run Data for later review on your PC
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