MSD Solid State Relay (SSR) – 7564 Red / 75643 Black

$204.95 Each

MSD’s 7564 (75643 in Black) Solid State Relay Block is a standalone device that can control the power circuit for 4 independent channels. Each channel can be triggered by either power or ground activation with a 5 to 20volt DC signal.

A perfect compact solution for controlling large current draw items such as fuel pumps, water pumps, lights and more.

  • Lighter and Smaller Footprint than Mechanical Relays
  • Each Channel Can Handle 20 Amps Continuous or up to 50 amps for 8 seconds
  • Each Output has automatic over-temp, short circuit and overload protection
  • LED Indicators for monitoring circuits (On/Off/Fault)
  • End Cap Mounting Allows for Mounting Rotation in Different Positions


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