MSD 7763 Power Grid Boost / Timing Control Module

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MSD’s 7763 Boost / Timing Control Module gives you complete control of your engine’s manifold pressure in boosted applications. It manages wastegate pressure through a set of electrically controlled air valves. The 7763 connects to the Power Grid CAN Buss for interface to your ignition system and comes with two 4-Bar Sensors to record both manifold and wastegate pressure.

MSD Power Grid View Software for the 7763 lets you program a timing to boost curve, including two boost curves you can switch to on the fly. Also includes an output wire to activate another device based on boost pressure.

It also has a shut-down feature that will kill the ignition if boost exceeds your overboost target.

  • Two programmable boost curves for on the fly boost curve changes.
  • Two electronically controlled air solenoids for precise wastegate pressure control.
  • Direct plug into MSD’s CAN-Bus hub for ease of installation.
  • Utilizes the Power Grid data acquisition to help fine tune boost curves.
  • Two onboard pressure sensors to measure manifold and wastegate pressure.
  • Built-in boost timing retard option.
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