MSD 7765 Wide Band O2 Sensor Kit for Power Grid

$280.95 Each - Free Shipping

Add a Bosch 4.9 Wide Band O2 Sensor to your MSD Power Grid with this plug & play module from MSD. The 7765 also has a 0-5v Sensor Output to drive an AFR Gauge or to export the signal to a data logger. Multiple 7765 modules can be used together and connected to a single Power Grid to monitor more cylinders if desired. The Wide-Band O2 sensor module is capable of measuring AFR starting at λ = 0.65 (9.5:1 Gasoline AFR equivalent).

  • Plugs into the MSD Power Grid 7740 Can Hub
  • Requires 12V+ DC for Power Source
  • Easy set-up! No free air calibration required
  • Completely sealed unit for durability in race environments
  • Uses the Popular Bosch 4.9 oxygen sensor, PN MSD 2267
  • 0-5v signal output to run an air/fuel gauge or data logger
  • Dual-color LED provides on board diagnostics
  • Multiple modules can be used on a single Power Grid
  • Data logs air-fuel ratio and heater voltage
  • Fuel Calibration Options for gasoline, methanol, ethanol, E85, propane and diesel
  • Custom Fuel Calibration option can be programmed by user
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