MSD 7766 Power Grid Dual Wide Band O2 Module

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Add Dual Channel Wide Band O2 Sensors to your Power Grid and Data Log the data in MSD Review!

The Dual Wide-Band O2 sensor module is capable of measuring AFR as low as λ = 0.5 (7.35:1 Gasoline AFR equivalent). The AFR range is configurable using the MSDView software in conjunction with the Power Grid Controller (PN 7730). Excellent range of the NTK sensor gives this unit the ability to accurately monitor AFR’s even on alcohol cars. The MSD Wide-Band O2 Sensor module also provides a 0.5-4.5 VDC analog output proportional to the AFR for external data logging or guages. To provide accurate backpressure compensated AFR readings on turbocharged applications, the addition of an Exhaust Pressure Module, part number 7767, is required.


  • Plug and Play Power Grid module
  • Works seamlessly with additional MSD Wide-Band O2 Sensor Modules
  • No setup or calibration required (Free Air Calibration is optional for added precision)
  • Includes One WB O2 Sensor, with optional add on second sensor MSD PN 2268
  • Fully potted and sealed unit with Automotive-Grade connectors
  • 0.5-4.5V Analog Output Voltage for a gauge or data acquisition
  • LEDs to monitor system operation and health
  • High speed data acquisition when used with the Power Grid Controller (PN 7730)
  • Back Pressure Compensated AFR’s when used with the optional Exhaust Pressure module
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