NX 10 lb Nitrous Bottle with Lightning 500 Valve

$304.00$358.00 Each - Free Shipping

The Famous Nitrous Express Signature White Nitrous Bottles with the Lightning 500 Valve for extreme flow rates.

Equipped with the new and improved Lightning 500 bottle valve which features a huge 5/8 siphon tube, a 1/2″ lift stem assembly and a 45 degree outlet for the ultimate in flow and horsepower production. The Lightning 500 valve includes dual gauge ports and weighs ½ pound less than our old style chrome plated brass valve.

  • Optional Bottle Pressure Gauge
  • Optional NHRA Spec External Blow-off Valve Fitting
  • -4AN, -6AN or -8AN outlet
  • STD 6.89 Diameter x 20.19″ Tall
  • Fits Standard Bottle Brackets
  • Lightning 500 valve with