NX 10lb Lightning 500 High Flow Bottle Valve 11700L

$125.39$196.00 Each

The Famous Nitrous Express Lightning 500 High Flow Bottle Valve is a great way to help improve your backhalf performance by increasing your nitrous flow rate and decreasing pressure drop down track.

The Lightning 500 bottle valve features a huge 5/8 siphon tube, a 1/2″ lift stem assembly and a 45 degree outlet for the ultimate in flow and horsepower production. The Lightning 500 valve includes dual gauge ports and weighs ½ pound less than our old style chrome plated brass valve.

  • Optional Bottle Pressure Gauge
  • Siphon Tube Setup For 10 lb Bottles
  • Optional NHRA Spec External Blow-off Valve Fitting
  • -4AN, -6AN or -8AN outlet