NX NHRA Safety Blow Off Valve Fitting 11709

$35.40 Each

If you’re racing at a NHRA Track and your bottle is mounted inside the vehicle, you’ll need to vent the blow off valve outside the drivers compartment per NHRA rules. NX Bottle Valves do not come with this fitting unless you order it as an option.

This fitting replaces the safety blow off valve fitting that came with your valve so you can attach it to a blow down tube or line vented externally to the driver compartment.

  • Fits NX Lightning, NX Lightning 500 and NX Chrome bottle valves
  • Blow off disk (PN# NX-11712) not included – required when changing on NX Chrome Valves
  • You can reuse the original blow off disk from NX Lightning and NX Lightning 500 valves.
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