NX Maximizer EZ Progressive Nitrous Controller 16006

$151.90 Each

The Maximizer EZ from Nitrous Express is an extremely easy to use Progressive Nitrous Controller that plugs right into the NX Wiring Harness. You just unplug your existing relay and plug the unit in.

Maximizer EZ pulses your nitrous and fuel solenoids with a smooth ramp from 20% at activation to 100% after the WOT activation switch is closed via a simple screw turn on the unit.

  • Capable of powering 40 amps (max), compatible with most plate and single stage N2O systems.
  • Adjustable from 0 to 4.5 seconds ramp time.
  • Easy rotary turn screw to adjust ramp time.
  • Plug n’ Play, compatible with NX Harness