NX Maximizer 5 Progressive Nitrous Controller 16008

$584.00 Each - Free Shipping

The New Maximizer 5 from Nitrous Express can operate up to 4 stages of nitrous controlled by Time, RPM, MPH, TPS or Boost Pressure. Safety features to control the system using multiple sensors such as throttle percentage, engine RPM, pan vacuum, and 3 other optional sensor inputs allowing you to shut the nitrous down to protect your engine when needed.

Program using a Windows Computer or optional PN# 16008S 4″ color touch screen for easy in the lanes adjustments. The Maximizer 5 also includes data logging for all inputs with enough memory to store 100 runs.

  • Data Logging
  • 2 Built in 70 amp drivers (Or 140 amps in single stage mode)
  • Controls up to 4 Stages of N2O (Requires additional drivers for 4 stage mode)
  • Bottle Heater Control
  • RPM Window Switch
  • Time, RPM, MPH or Throttle based progression options
  • Can monitor and compensate O2 / AFR using separate Aftermarket Wide Band O2 module (not included)