NX Single Entry High Flow Billet Crossbar RNC Plate System – 750HP 4150

$1,305.58 Each - Free Shipping

NX Single Entry Billet Crossbar nitrous plate systems provide the crossbar spray pattern that everyone loves in a package that is legal for racing classes that allow only one nitrous and one fuel jet. The RNC version have bigger orifices than our standard single entry crossbar plate to extract every bit of flow possible. This is a great plate for classes like Ultra Street and others that give you a weight break for a single entry plate.

This crossbar nitrous system includes more than the standard crossbar nitrous kit. It includes a custom solenoid bracket, High flow braided stainless solenoid to plate lines, nickel plated fittings, wide open throttle switch, master arming switch, 40 Amp relay and relay harness.

This system is designed for 4150 flange manifolds and includes jetting for 250-750HP. No bottle included.

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